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India Aparicio

About the artist

India Aparicio is an artist, developer and designer from Berlin. She successfully graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Design and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Creative Technologies. In 2020, she discovered her interest in digitizing art and has since dedicated herself to creating unique digital illustrations and artworks.

Her art style may have evolved over the years, but it always remains characterized by its distinctive touch. She combines a variety of motifs in her works, including eyeballs, metaballs, and checkerboard patterns. She particularly frequently creates paintings that depict a landscape with a checkerboard pattern as its foundation. Through clever distortions and shading, she creates the impression of a sense of space, while geometric shapes and eyes enliven the scenery. In addition, there are recurring gates that lead to a dark room, which is crisscrossed with stars.

Her artworks are characterized by a striking liveliness that captivates the viewer. In addition to aesthetic aspects, her works also carry a narrative component that challenges the viewer’s perception and stimulates the imagination. India skillfully combines technology with emotional expressiveness to create abstract worlds that have a fascinating appeal.