Women who have achieved success in different fields – actresses, politicians, producers, heads of companies, writers – how to respond to criticism, talk and act with faith in themselves and turn off the “perfectional gene” that prevents us from living and creating in fullpower.

About self -confidence

“I like women-leaders who are not worried about what their subordinates think about them, who are not waiting for approval and support for everything they say, every time ending their statement with the words:“ So normal? Fine?“

I like those who behave bravely in the face of unthinkable circumstances, like my mother, when she was diagnosed with “fourth degree cancer”. Or the journalist of The New York Times Gabriel Giffords-when she writes columns on the cowardice of the US Congress in the question of laws on wearing weapons and uses statements such as “and remember my words” as some kind of clinter Islagi. How many women we know who can say that?“

Mindy Caling, actress

“Instead of asking questions with apologizing intonation, start talking to statements. Think, none of us would like to be at the appointment with the doctor who says something like this: “I will operate you? I’m here to tell you how the operation will undergo? I graduated from a medical university with a red diploma, so what?»Affirm your actions and voice“.

Tina Fey, actress, producer

About criticism

“If at work you encounter criticism because of appearance, age, or because you are a woman, someone does not suit your political or religious beliefs, ask yourself the question:“ This person may prevent me from doing what I want?“If the answer is“ no „, ignore criticism and move on the selected path. It is better to invest your energy in business – so you quickly overtake them. And then, when you stand up at the helm, do not hire people who behave poorly towards you „.

“Yes, the more you will be successful or strong, persistent in the expression of your views, the less you will like others. For no reason, they will begin to think that you are too boastful, arrogant and generally pulling the blanket over yourself. But power and self -realization, sincerity and loyalty to themselves are worth it „.

Jessica Valenti, feminist, blogger

About „genuine perfectionism“

“I think to move forward and truly reveal their talent for many young women is prevented by the“ perfectionism gene ”. Try to change the approach: instead of achieving perfection, aim to do everything “generally good”. Remind yourself that it is not necessary to be perfect. Most men never suffer about this. Their approach is simple: to determine where the favorable opportunity opens and how to „catch it“. They don’t think: “Oh


Lord, I’m not perfect, I have a terrible hairstyle today, I put on the wrong shoes”.

Hillary Clinton, politician

“The show continues not because everything is ready in perfect order, but because you cannot fall out of the schedule. When I wrote humorous sketches in a weekly mode for TV shows, I understood an important thing-it is unrealistic to give out an equally good product all the time. Yes, you are destined to write brilliant things that you will be proud of. But you will also write bad texts out of your hands. And, unfortunately, sometimes they will also be air. You should not worry about this. On Monday, you will come to work and again can begin to get gold – the main thing is to understand the difference between gold and shit. „.

“In order not to go astray from the right life, you will have to reconsider your principles and transfer some, at first glance, important things to the category of unimportant. If the desire to always please the disgusting boss is more important for you than spending time with children. Or ideal cleanliness in the house is more important than getting enough sleep and gain strength, then get ready for a long and exhausting battle with fate. „.

Marta Bek, sociologist, coach

About hard work

„Inspiration usually comes during work, and not in front of it“.

Madlin Langle, writer

“Whatever problem you have to solve, be part of the solution. Do not sit back, asking questions and pointing to obstacles „.